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AMOD: We should be clear, some of the People who stormed the Capital were not Liberal or Conservative, and they Damn sure were n

PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: Let's be clear....there were some well intentioned people who went to the Demonstration on the Mall because they had legitmate concerns. But guess what, there were so...... Read More
Posted by AMODPOVW with 290 views

Recent Bits And Pieces From Many Places – The Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline – Europe And Russia And The United States - And Oth

Posted by chuckman with 166 views

Announcement of the new page for Vickie Collins,....having to do with words of hope and fun

I have tried to change the name of the page, but apparently there is really no way of doing so. However, let this serve as a change in direction for this page. It will not be political since I already...... Read More
Posted by VickieCollins with 158 views

HALLELUJAH!!! Biden came through....what wonderful joy today has brought

Well, I thought I was through with today's posts, however, it has come to my attention that Biden signed several Executive Orders today. Now one of them is of particular importance in my life. A...... Read More
Posted by scenefromtheleft with 103 views

Where Were They Radicalized? No Answer is Complete Without Addressing Evangelical Churches and Schooling

Posted by ceilede with 100 views

Friday Fives: Fundamentally Changing America!

EDITED 1-23 @ 4:35 PM--I do not want any of you to think this post was put up *just* to incite flames or whatever, ideally it could at least be a place to exchange ideas, agree or disagree, support ea...... Read More
Posted by Imperatrix with 96 views

We Are Creatures Who Should Not Exist

I've said before that existence is malignantly useless. The term isn't my own. It was coined in Thomas Ligotti's The Conspiracy Against the Human Race. In the book, Ligotti compares hum...... Read More
Posted by Troll2016 with 59 views


What is going on????? I tried to comment on Brother Doc's Post, and crazy things started happening, like a notice came up that face book is tracking on this site, to see what you write!! And when...... Read More
Posted by ellie1142545 with 58 views

Fellow Blogster Members, Warning This Woman May Try To Shut Blogster Down.

Faiza Amin @Faiza_AminTV Reporter bingo card POV- the guy who keeps messaging you about his foot fetish, your feet, and other women’s feet. Please rise. 10:47 AM Jan 22, 2021Twitter for iPho...... Read More
Posted by wesleyonrot with 51 views

I love my job... but...

I'm really glad it's the weekend. Every day is a mixed bag of weather. And on this particular week a mixed bag of VANS! I like that I usually get to drive 'MY VAN'... which isn...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 50 views


As a counterpoint BLM is running around the country tearing down statues here is a fascinating interview with a former slave of Jefferson Davis who remembers Davis as being a righteous slave owner. Ve...... Read More
Posted by ZenofKen with 47 views

Just a short chat

It might be an interesting week here according to the weatherman. It is cold and windy today. Calling for snow on two different days next week. I am going to the eye doctor today. Plus next week, I am...... Read More
Posted by wendidawn with 47 views

The Best Poster on This Site is a Pervert With Assburgers

Thank you Wesley, you brighten my day...... Read More
Posted by Jayyyohhh with 45 views

A Beautiful Story - You will love it!!!

Before I start, those of you who couldnt watch the video in my previous blog, try now. It is a very interesting documentary about the White House during transition, I'm sure you will enjoy it. It...... Read More
Posted by Maria with 44 views

Fighting fear in the middle of Chaos

All over Blogster I have been hearing about peoples fears of the coming in & going out of the "Powers that Be" If your like me and the rest of the "working class" we have o...... Read More
Posted by Zoey-Mae with 42 views

Don't Bet On It

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s no 2022 election. It took 90 years for the leftists to gain control of this country. They’re not likely to take the chance on losing any of that c...... Read More
Posted by retiredinaz with 39 views

Feeling Good

Life seems sort of classier all of a sudden. So here's something classy...... Read More
Posted by CREATIVE14 with 34 views

Question of the day

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted by ricciw55 with 33 views

Song Read More
Posted by katskorner with 32 views

My World Won't Fit In A Box

I want to show you my world, but it doesn’t fit into a box My world is bright beautiful and happy Not like other people’s Special and means more to me than anything else I want to show you...... Read More
Posted by ambzybaby with 25 views

Some Not So Good Humor

Here's my story, sad but true about some ice cream I once knew It made my taste buds long for more Now I can't find it in the store, Turkey Hill and Jack and Jill are mighty fine and Haagen...... Read More
Posted by merchandiser with 25 views

Streaming reviews--week of January 17, 2021

1) "One Night In Miami"--movie--Amazon Prime--1 hour & 45 minutes--one of the best movies in the past year--a gathering of Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, Jim Brown and Cassius Clay in a Miami...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 24 views

No Bounds -

No Bounds - After a mistake like Trump,Who'd have thought we’d get a second chance at Democracy...... Read More
Posted by udontsay with 24 views

Marriage And Family Life

...... Read More
Posted by iamtheeggman with 23 views

Pretty much...

... because I can never underestimate the power of a good nap. 💤😴💤...... Read More
Posted by heyrayjeena with 23 views

Easton Corbin...A Little More Country Than That

My life ssucks...but here's a song. An old one, but I like it. It's Monday but I'm already looking forward (and counting down the hours) 'til Wednesday beer & pizza night. (No...... Read More
Posted by bluesonrisas with 16 views

Festival FAOT de Álamos: ¡Cancelado!

Estimados Lectores y Lectoras Nunca es tarde para desearles feliz ao 2021 Libre de Covid-19 que est causando alta mortandad por todo el mundo sin importarle clases sociales, razas y gneros que has...... Read More
Posted by sanchezarchitecture with 12 views

Festival FAOT de Álamos: ¡Cancelado!

Estimados Lectores y Lectoras Nunca es tarde para desearles feliz ao 2021 Libre de Covid-19 que est causando alta mortandad por todo el mundo sin importarle clases sociales, razas y gneros que has...... Read More
Posted by arteCajemeart with 9 views


Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, in part because of the convenience from the experience. Through the comfort of one's living room, you can buy clothing, toys or around any servic...... Read More
Posted by joangiroux38 with 8 views

Succeed At Your Favourite Video Video Games With These High Tips

Cheats, information, upcoming releases and new hardware - there's quite a bit to sustain with once you love video games! You could ask pals for advice, try blogs and especially learn articles. Th...... Read More
Posted by wvqbrodie884 with 8 views

高校自主招生成腐敗易發區 根源在於教育行政化

2014年高校自主招生已經拉開帷幕。 去年底,教育部發文進一步規范自主選拔錄取,要求各試點高校自主選拔錄取要堅持“集體議事、集體決策...... Read More
Posted by kiestequil with 8 views

What Is HYIP ?

HYIP is standing for High Yield Investment Program. It's venture and gotten benefit on speculation plans of program, much the same as send cash to Bank and got benefit month to month, yearly. In...... Read More
Posted by neilmorris with 8 views

Auto Restore Ideas To Keep Your Automobile In Nice Form

If you own an car, you might be aware of how important proper upkeep of it is. Even if you happen to didn't purchase the car new, changing it will require a substantial expense. Discover ways to...... Read More
Posted by quinntimbery with 8 views

Save Cash Each Week With These Coupon Suggestions

this link of couponing as of late has so much to do with the economic downturn experienced by so many. It is crucial to note, however, that without a good data of how coupons work and learn how to ext...... Read More
Posted by bevw26433365 with 7 views

Hungry, Anyone?

...... Read More
Posted by SaintsAndSinners with 6 views

How To Safely And Easily Store Online

Becoming click here to read begins with dedication on your part. You must dedicate you to ultimately learning as much as you can about how exactly to save money. When you want to look online, this art...... Read More
Posted by nicolasteixeira with 6 views

Getting The Many AWAY FROM Any Online Shopping Expierence

If you might have enjoyed online shopping in the past, you have noticed how it has usually transformed possibly. Technology keeps advancing, and it is very important to keep up with the times. Think a...... Read More
Posted by romabuley89224 with 6 views

Enjoy Blogging By Reading This Helpful Article

A blog is a superb place to establish yourself online immediately in this technological world. Yet there are Highly recommended Site who don't weblog and let different people take all of the fame...... Read More
Posted by onabeaumont48 with 6 views

Discovering One Of The Best Video Sport Costs

Whether you're looking to only move just a few hours in quiet solitaire or have a hankering to take over an unsuspecting metropolis, there's a video sport out there for you! Video gaming can...... Read More
Posted by julicopeland242 with 5 views

Health Care Primary Advantages Of Cannabis - A Complete Guide

The benefits of marijuana are documented in health and research literature. When applied as directed, click through the up coming web page is able to ease queasiness minimizing the consequences of che...... Read More
Posted by hopebarela2921 with 5 views

Online Shopping Guidelines That You Need To Know

Traditional purchasing isn't a thing that everyone needs to do. Just sit back at your computer to discover whatever you desire nearly. look at more info don't need to venture out in horrible...... Read More
Posted by hildafrankfurter with 5 views

Increase Your Running a blog Capabilities By means of These Pointers

Maybe article source have noticed which a site is effective from the marketing of business, but what you may possibly not know is that a blog is normally in the same way useful, if you know how to use...... Read More
Posted by danialc7256501 with 5 views

Getting Pleasant Together With Your Clients: Making Social Media Give You The Results You Want

As with every type of solid advertising plan, your social media advertising set-up will need to have a targeted viewers, medium to succeed in them, and product or service to produce. As soon as you un...... Read More
Posted by sheritrundle0 with 5 views

Tem Bugs? Leia Este Excelente Post Para Comprar Infos.

É praticamente inédito pra um proprietário nunca ter que enfrentar com pestes irritantes. Compreender as pragas poderá ajudá-lo a impedir a situação de infestações na sua moradia. Você será...... Read More
Posted by gracielateeter6 with 4 views

Samsun Ev Dezenfeksiyonu Hizmetleri

Samsun'da uzun yıllardır başarıyla hizmet veren ve mşteri memnuniyeti noktasında lider konumda olan Şimal İlalama, "Ev dezenfeksiyonu", "İlalama" ve "Te...... Read More
Posted by girisimblogu with 4 views

Empréstimo Pessoal Da Caixa: Simulação E Cálculo

Empréstimo Pessoal Da Caixa: Simulação E CálculoMesmo fazendo reformas estruturais, como a da Previdência, e com o país crescendo ao ano, em média, ao menos 2% na próxima década, ainda levari...... Read More
Posted by eleanoremcwhae with 4 views

Expert Recommendation To Improve Your Facebook Advertising And Marketing

For many people, Fb is a spot the place they waste time. However, visit here could be an amazingly useful tool in terms of selling. Since tens of millions of individuals are on Facebook, you are in a...... Read More
Posted by sammie52c201 with 4 views

We Can Create Shopping Online A GREAT Adventure

For a long time, the Internet has been used for numerous reasons, such as for conversation and research purposes. But, nowadays, one of the most common uses for the Internet would be to shop. Whether...... Read More
Posted by darrelcasteel20 with 4 views


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