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Quotes of the Day

Positive Quote of the Day The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don't have. - Woody Allen Funny Quote of the Day I love to go to Washington - if...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by BrotherDocs

When life sucks, cook!

I woke up a 3:30 again, in pain and stressed, this problem with the cook/server on weekends is getting to me. I am sorry that I had to give up tomatoes so I can see if it helps my condition. Well, thi...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by tesstruhartz1

A Party

A Party - Wait, when 2, 40 something men throw a party for 28 underage girls in order to practice parenting skills,what can happen...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by udontsay

reverence forgotten

...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by beingnobody


quote * a good friend reaches for your hand and touches your Heart" ~~...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by greenfairy

trump manages to unite Democrats with bigoted and uninformed remarks

The lunatic in the White House shows his true colors again, and manages to rally the troops on the Democratic side. He actually told four freshmen women in the house to "go back where they came...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by scenefromtheleft

Latest On The Silly Old Chook.

OH, boy does this silly = stupid = lil old chook need a walking stick, or maybe a , rocking chair, like the *clever clogs Lady that you all know I am * I have spen t s o muc h time cleaning our bedroo...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Shaunepawn

Vindictive Vengeful Vulture

Nikki Rabucka - This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by wesleyonrot

Smile....Uncle Kracker

I am on top of the world :):):) Heading back home, ok, not "home" but North. I enjoyed my family...for a change. Jeremy and I got back on track. There's some things I can't (or...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by bluesonrisas

Comment to Suzi.

sfmystery : Well, suzi, I shall not discuss politics right or left anymore unless they have something to do with adverse reactions to what every climate change / global warming scientist and I know t...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by smfmystery

Revolutionary France And Catholicism 14/the-fr nch-revol tion-and- he-church...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by iamtheeggman

The Utility of derogatory Epithets

We copied and pasted the litany of calumnies below – taken from a popular caricaturist whom, if one detaches oneself from his issues is witty and clever in his caricatures; we will not deny his...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by tjdonegan

Wild Bill, A UK Detective Drama, Starring A US Acting Legend

This show is really well crafted and really well performed. Well worth a look if it ends up on American TV. Rob Lowe is a fine member of a fine cast. If there is one thing that the British AND America...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Oakie2012

Has anybody else noticed that both SouthernCharm and greenfairy really put the D in Decent

I'm sorta in awe of those two. Really, I am loathe to confess that because it can come off stalkerish, because I know them only through Blogster. But they really are the nicest women. Consistentl...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by MisterCox

New food and peppers

Are the French copying American delis? They are offering a 'everything' croissant--a takeoff on the American 'everything' bagel? How could I not try it. Sorry France, back to the...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by greatmartin

A Moderate Point of View: What the Hell was Trump thinking about when he Tweeted that Congresswomen should go back where they came from??

ANAYLSIS/COMMENTARY/PERSONAL OPINION: Never interupt an enemy while he is making a mistake!! Napoleon Bonaparte President Trump should take a bit of advice from Napoleon before he makes another tweet...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by AMODPOVW

More Revelations From The Confidential Notes Of Britain's Recent Former Ambassador - A Misjudgment About Trump's Motives On Iran

John Chuckman COMMENT ON STILL MORE LEAKS FROM FORMER BRITISH AMBASSADOR KIM DARROCH’S CONFIDENTIAL NOTES TO HIS GOVERNMENT We have today yet more revelations in leaked documents written as advi...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by chuckman

Pointless Post Practicing Photo Phun Frum Phone Pics

Sunday morning...the heat has abated some, and Simon commandeered my bed while I was in here doing other things, he's now fast asleep so...if I hit the post key when I'm done you get some Ne...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Imperatrix


Just stopped in for a few. Will be off line today. Back tomorrow! God Bless...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by ellie1142545

Sing the Blues

I just got hired for a new job! Its a dream job. Customer Service in a call center. No more standing on my feet, no more cleaning stinky bathrooms! Doing what I love to do in a very quiet and nice off...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Zoey-Mae

Bucket List Trip 2019 - Canada - Toronto to Ottawa

Early Monday morning we checked out of our hotel and headed off to our next city, Ottawa. It was a cold and very wet day and the trip took about 7 or 8 hours but it included a stop at a Big Red Apple...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Maria


This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by ricciw55

Good Morning!

My first cup of coffe was while standing on the ridge watching the sky change colors again. I DO like my mornings! I was doing yard stuff last night and when I came in, GG said I had to call the nurs...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by LouieLouie

A Sunny Afternoon ....

The weather has been lovely today. Makes such a change from all the rain we have been having lately. l have been sitting in the garden enjoying the peace and quiet and feeling the warmth of the sun a...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by JaddieBlue

She Done Grandma Proud

I think it was Thursday night, shortly after supper, when our power went out briefly. I had just turned the sink faucet on to start dishes. Since the power was out for only 5 minutes, I assumed it was...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by ButteroseSherry

Love and Porter

It was about August,1961, when my best friend Seannie and I were camping in Galway. We had a good drink every night and were having a merry old time. One night, in one of the pubs, The Dubliners...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by wicklowmick

On my 3rd cup

I have been up since 5:30am the house was quite I had my own coffee in my room in the basement. 2 cups consumed and I hear Emma's protest. I came upstairs and chatted a bit with DIL. I then grabb...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by peacefulthinking

If I Never Know You, Make Me Feel The Loss

I got an unexpected text! Happy Sunny Day! Some of our children have been talking about a camping get together to reunite ... bringing back some of the fun and friends from their own childhood. Jackie...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Jayyyohhh

Midsommar - A Movie Review

Midsommar - A Movie Review. Directed by Ari Aster, Midsommar stars Florence Pugh as Dani, Jack Reynor as Christian. Christian has been dating Dani for 4 years and it seems like he wants to break up w...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by Thewritertwo

They knew how to make cabinets in 1942

My cousin decided to remodel his kitchen himself (wrong move) and has done some of the demolition already, but asked me to help him take down the upper cabinets today. Let me tell you, cabinets build...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by sfeastbay

Missing person alert

Has anyone heard from Us2nomads lately...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by katskorner

Places to Go and New Things to Figure Out How to Use

I've got a wedding to go to today -- my nephew's -- outside, near a bug-infested pond in rattlesnake country. So I'm thinking of not going to the wedding but going to the reception bein...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by AmalaTsering

EXTRA! ... EXTRA!! Global Warming (weather!) Is NOT Caused by Mankind ! ! !

Please, continually diss the GoreBull Warming idiots... The gorilla thugs, the green tech & communistic & socialism,... idiots! --I am: Fed Up To Here!!! Vote Sensibly...for Mr. Trump & t...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by FedUpToHere

And on the way home...

We wanted to stop at the same place our son and DIL took us, only this time we took a different trail to the beach. Most of these are from that walk. And by now I'm sure you know how much I love...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by maggiesnextphase

Those patriotic protesters... (DEMOCRATS)

...patriotic to MEXICO. Protesters pull down US flag, fly Mexico banner outside facility holding illegal immigrants VOTE...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by OpinionNateTed

Where Have I Been? YES I am Still Living ;)

Hello those of you who have been wondering where have I been.....well lots of things taking place but I am still living ;) and still living for God just havent been as active on who h...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by waynesmith

Just Dropping in

Well the city finally came today and hauled away the mulch and left soil with grass seeds in it. I can't wait for the seeds to sprout. They said they are going to plant small trees in the places...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by MarissaG

ODB: Return to the 36 Chambers

I recently bought this album and listened to it. I have to say that it is actually a really good album. It is not something that I would usually listen to, but it actually surprised me. It was very si...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by Pseudonym

More Odds And Ends And Random Crap ...

How about some more odds and ends, and random crap? “Okay, elmo, lay it upon us.” Okey dokey, I surely shall! #1 – I was discharged from OT/PT today! YAY! I'm surprised to real...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by elmo194855


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